Don't Invest Without Inspecting

Make an informed choice with a building inspection in the Sauk Rapids, MN area

Are you looking at homes in or around Sauk Rapids, MN? You might be tempted by a house that looks great but contains hidden problems. You might love living there at first, but not after racking up those expensive repairs.

Before you become attached to a house that needs work, schedule building inspection services. Ridgeline Inspection Services, LLC can inspect a home from foundation to roof, interior and exterior.

Within 48 hours of our property inspection, we'll provide a thorough inspection report. With our notes, photos and suggestions, you can decide confidently whether to invest in the home.

Preparing to list a home?

Maybe you aren't in the market for a new home, but you want to sell a property. Consider incorporating a building inspection before listing your property. An inspection report will:

  • Alert you to issues requiring repairs
  • Help you decide on an appropriate price for the property
  • Give you information to share with potential buyers

We'll provide in-depth information. Reach out to Ridgeline Inspection Services, LLC today for a thorough property inspection.

Exterior Inspection

Exterior Inspection

  • Landscaping, Grading, and Drainage proper slope away from the house
  • Driveways, and Sidewalks, overall performance, cracking, trip hazards
  • Roofing materials, Flashing, Valleys, Roof Penetrations, Chimney we check for evidence of water penetration and inspect the materials and their condition
  • Gutters, and Downspouts overall performance and condition
  • Siding, Windows, and Trim overall condition
  • Eaves, Soffit, Fascia overall condition
  • Electrical Entrance cable overhead or underground, outdoor receptacles
  • Hose Bibs- exterior faucets
  • Air Conditioner- Compressor, Heat Pump general condition
  • Garage Doors, check for proper operation, and safety

Interior Inspection

Interior Inspection

  • Basement, Crawlspace thoroughly examined for structural defects
  • Main Structure all visible framing components are inspected
  • Heating System we inspect all the visible components of the heating unit, check for proper ventilation, and combustible air space, check normal operating controls
  • Electrical System we inspect the service panel, entrance wiring, and all other readily accessible wiring, testing GFCI's, switches, receptacles
  • Plumbing System we test all visible fixtures, drains for proper function, check for leaks
  • Ceilings, Floors, and Walls check for defects
  • Attic we inspect all visible framing members, insulation, ventilation, and roof sheathing, and check for water penetration
  • Stairs, Railings inspect for safety
  • Sump Pumps checked and tested
  • Counters, and Sink Bases, Cabinets overall condition
  • Separation Walls check for fire rating
  • Check for any signs of water penetration into the building

How much does a home inspection cost?

  • Our inspection fees are based on property size, age and location .The home is a major investment for most people. Buying or building a home is a major expense. The inspection cost is a small fraction of the cost of the home or the cost of major repairs. Protect yourself and your investment.
  • We encourage you to accompany the inspector, so that you can ask questions and gain a better understanding of the systems in your home.

Call anytime to schedule your home inspection, or if you have any questions. Providing Home Inspections in the Holmen, Onalaska, La Crosse, West Salem, Galesville WI area.

Payment is due upon completion of the inspection and before the final home inspection report is turned over. A signed inspection agreement is also required prior to the home inspection being performed. If you will not be present at the inspection, arrangements will need to be made so that we have a signed inspection agreement and payment prior to the inspection date.